We are not taking any surrenders at this time.



Surrendering a family pet can be very stressful to your family as well as your pet as he/she finds herself in new surroundings and unfamiliar people. Our main goal is to help you keep your pet in your home if possible. Before making the decision, reach out to us, or other animal welfare groups, to see if there are other options so your pet can stay with your family. Sometimes people just need a little help.

Surrenders are now done by appointment only at the Humane Society of Atlantic County and there is a Surrender Application that needs to be completed as the first step. The application will help us gather information needed to see if the animal would be appropriate for our adoption program. You will be asked to upload or bring in previous veterinary records. The process takes at least a few days while we stay in touch with you either by email or by phone. We do this so we ensure that the client and the staff member have enough time to work together so we get the best outcome possible in caring for your pet.

Once we receive the Surrender Application, a staff member will review the application and reach out to you if there are additional questions. Once that process is complete, you will be given an appointment to bring your pet in for us to meet him/her. Once here, we will do a temperament evaluation to ensure the pet is safe to handle. If your pet fails the temperament evaluation and we determine your pet is not a candidate for our adoption program, we will give you as many resources as possible to help you re-home your pet or seek a qualified trainer. If your pet is a candidate for our adoption program and we have space available, we will take the pet in at that time. If there is no space available, we will put you on a waiting list and encourage you to continue to find a home on your own while you wait.

Some tips:

Give yourself enough time for the process

Fill Out Surrender Application

Upload medical Records and picture

Speak to all family members

Be as complete as possible with your details

Understand that not all animals will be accepted

Surrendering Fees

We Are Not Taking Any Surrenders At This Time

  • Neutered $75
  • Must show proof of neuter from veterinarian
  • Intact $100


  • Neutered - $100
  • Must show proof of neuter from veterinarian.
  • Intact - $150


  • We consider a puppy to be under six months of age and have no adult teeth.
  • Single puppy neutered - $75
  • Single puppy intact - $100
  • Litter (up to four) - $75 plus deposit for the mother's spay

  • Single - $75
  • Litter (up to four) - $50 plus deposit for the mother's spay
  • Each additional kitten - $25