Can't Provide for Your Pet Anymore?

Surrender your pet into our care at Humane Society of Atlantic County

For general shelter questions, please email shelter@humanesocietyac.org.

The Humane Society of Atlantic County wants you to know that it's okay to surrender your animal if you are unable to provide for it anymore. Sometimes things happen that are beyond your control, and by surrendering your pet to us, you can be sure we'll make every effort to find it a loving home.

• All animals are screened for temperamental, behavioral and medical issues prior to being placed for adoption
• Any animal exhibiting conditions making them inappropriate for adoption will be humanely euthanized.

The HSAC maintains a no-kill philosophy of never euthanizing for space-related reasons. However, if an animal is not adoptable, i.e. age, aggression, health or behavioral issues, or unable to be accepted by a professional animal rescue organization, we do not keep them caged for the rest of their life. Beware of organizations that call themselves "no-kill" shelters. While we fit the description of one, we do not use the terminology because it can be misleading if not fully explained.

When surrendering a cat, please be aware that you will need to first bring them in, pay the surrender fee, get them vaccinated then take the cat back home for 10 days before we will accept full ownership of the animal. We do this to protect cats that are currently in our custody and to also prevent the spread of infectious diseases with our in-house animals.

The HSAC accepts surrenders of privately owned animals. If you find a stray animal, please call your local municipal office or city hall and have them refer you to the Animal Control Officer for your area and they will make arrangements to pick up the animal.

If you have an animal you would like to surrender to us and have further questions about our animal surrender policies, please call 609-347-2487 or email shelter@humanesocietyac.org.

Surrendering Fees


  • Neutered $50
  • Must show proof of neuter from veterinarian
  • Intact $75


  • Neutered - $75
  • Must show proof of neuter from veterinarian.
  • Intact - $100


  • We consider a puppy to be under four months of age and have no adult teeth.
  • Single puppy - $50
  • Litter (up to four) - $75 plus deposit for the mother's spay


  • Single - $50
  • Litter (up to four) - $50 plus deposit for the mother's spay
  • Each additional kitten - $10

The Humane Society of Atlantic County's Shelter Services is open for surrenders Tuesday through Sunday between 11am and 2:30pm.