A Message from the Director

Steven Dash

My name is Steven Dash and I have the pleasure of serving as the Humane Society of Atlantic County's Executive Director.

My position started here in 1980 and I assumed the position of Executive Director in 1991. Over the many years here, I have seen the animal welfare movement make tremendous strides in reducing pet overpopulation, humane education, and have seen the perceived value of animals as family members increase dramatically.

The HSAC has operated an animal shelter since 1970. A low-cost spay clinic was opened in the mid-seventies and operates today as a high-quality, high-volume spay and neuter clinic that has helped start numerous others. The HSAC has built and operated two different mobile animal surgical hospitals (M*A*S*H units) and has been a mentor to numerous shelters - both private and government. The HSAC has adopted a "no-kill" philosophy, meaning no animals are ever euthanized for space or time here at the center. Today, the majority of dogs come to the HSAC from other organizations. Animals from overpopulated shelters are matched with shelters that have available space. Standardized temperament testing across the country is enabling many groups to work together. This is the true no-kill movement at its finest, and we're proud to have been there since the beginning.

In 2000, the HSAC opened a small full-service veterinary clinic. To date, the busy clinic operates with three full-time doctors and two part-time doctors. The facility has digital x-ray equipment and up-to-date blood chemistry machines to offer our clients and their pets outstanding veterinary care and service.

As Director, I oversee the running of the entire facility. In addition, I serve on several boards as a Gubernatorial Appointee. The Boards include: New Jersey Animal Welfare Task Force (completed), New Jersey State SPCA, and I chair the NJ Domestic Companion Animal Council. These positions enable me to affect some changes for the good of animals through legislation and education.

The Humane Society, AC is a private non-profit organization that was established in 1968. It operates an animal shelter, spay clinic, and veterinary clinic at its Atlantic City location. Many of our programs are funded through private donations, grants and user fees in the veterinary clinic. We welcome visitors at the shelter from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day, except Monday. The veterinary clinic is by appointment.

Over the three-plus decades that I have been with the Humane Society AC, I can see that many different types of people make up our Animal Welfare Community. Not all of us agree on everything, but there are common goals between the agencies. We are learning that in pooling resources, we best serve the needs of all people and animals. There are many organizations that believe in the no-kill movement. The organizations making the most progress are the ones that work together with others to help even more animals. We are proud to work with many shelters and organizations including:

•Wolf Love
•East Coast Paws and Claws

•Zani's Furry Friends
•Atlantic County Animal Shelter
•Hi Arbor

•Animal Network
•Alley Cat Allies
•El Faro

Together, all of us can make a huge difference!
Steven J. Dash
HSAC Executive Director